We specialize in taking spaces to the next level through creativity, experiential design and strategic builds.

Experiential design considers more than form and function. It includes lifestyle, the influence of colours, the impact of a structural layout on traffic, the sense of touch through textiles, lighting and accessibility. Sensation is subtle, and these nuances often influence subconscious experiences. We help homeowners cultivate spaces that subtly engage the senses, elevate mood and promote frictionless movement. This creates attractive, comfortable and pleasing environments that set the desired tone.

Our Mission.

We care about getting it right because the work we do changes lives.

Building real relationships matter. We bring the ultimate home experiences to life by really getting to know you, focusing our boundless creativity around your unique lifestyle, and encouraging you to imagine your ideal space. We have a proven process in place to consistently produce outcomes that inspire. We stay current with design, technology, and industry knowledge to fuel our vision.

Our Values


We love working with variables like architectural features, design inspirations, lifestyle requirements, functionality and more to develop clean, unique solutions that facilitate impressive home experiences.


We are passionate about what we do and are deeply invested in crafting spaces that our clients fall in love with.


Integrity matters to us. We do what it takes to turn client’s dreams into reality with proper planning and follow through. We are determined to provide attractive solutions to challenges in dynamic design/build environments.


We enthusiastically discuss project details with homeowners every step of the way.

Our Story

We’ve always had a passion for what we do. At the heart of it, we are artists and artisans. Our desire to create is what drives each project. For us, it’s about the journey as much as it is about the destination. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of taking an idea, refining it, and bringing it to life as a real and tangible thing!

Rocco grew up in a world where your word was everything, and businesses were built on reputation. To be honest, things haven’t changed much in this regard since then. That’s why we’ve set that as a priority in our practice. We have made it a point to ensure that we communicate the facts, provide accurate quotes, and try to ensure that there are no big surprises for our customers. We’re grateful for the reputation we’ve built as a result.

We got our start as commercial builders and were able to leverage that strong reputation to making Carriage Lane Designs into what it is today. When Rocco teamed up with the now award-winning designer Carly Nemtean, a new way of doing business took off.

Carly infused the company with the infectious energy she brings to the table, and a more modern day feel. When she came on board, she made a point of hiring a few fresh faces who were in touch with what this generation of people wanted in order to breathe new life into the wild- west world of custom builds for commercial properties. Her vision has helped us combine the years of experience and precision of commercial build teams with the intricate and bespoke nature of custom home renovations.

It wasn’t long before major industry influencers started to take notice of what we were doing. Property Brothers was in its first year of filming and were looking for industry professionals who could enhance their projects through interior design and construction. They approached us to start designing/building for the show, and we were honoured to accept. We shot 3 episodes in the first year and were hired back in the following seasons to keep creating TV-worthy, inspiring designs.


In the end, we participated in over 30 episodes of the show over 5 years. We also got invited to contribute to designs on the famous Canadian TV show Love It or List It. Additionally, we’ve helped a handful of celebrities with designs, one being Tori Spelling when we teamed for HGTV.

We’ve been lucky to have been invited to contribute our skills on these shows that reach so many Canadians. While design is ultimately a subjective, personal thing, having access to outside ideas always helps! We’re often inspired by so many amazing fellow artisans in our industry. If we can inspire even one person that we would not otherwise be able to meet or work with, then that’s a great feeling.

Today we are focusing on our business and fully committed to helping our clients bring their dream spaces to life, giving them a less stressful experience, and delivering high-quality work.

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