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At Carriage Lane Designs we don’t focus on any specific style of design, but work with you to bring your own unique style to life. We make your ideas real and tangible using a blend of materials, textures, and colours. We believe the little things can make a big impact.

We listen to what your current challenges are with your home and what you are looking for. Then we contribute our expert advice just in case you’re unsure of what will work well for your space.

We have worked alongside some amazing people on our journey and we have had many wonderful experiences that have helped us become the designers we are today.

Why work with us on your next interior design project?

Our brilliant, award-winning team
  • In depth consultations about your space, ideas and preferences
  • We make house visits
  • Clear, detailed quoting process so there are no surprises
  • Our small accents add to the artistic flare we bring to our client’s homes.
  • Discounted products that we choose with our clients.
  • We have relationships with a wide variety of vendors across the GTA to negotiate the best prices and source unique materials on your behalf.

  • We offer a wide range of design styles from mid-century modern to traditional. We’re not afraid to work with a fusion of different styles to make your rooms comfortable and bespoke.

  • Family needs change over time so what worked before may not work at present. We will help your home evolve to meet your needs.

  • Redesigning and making improvements will increase the market value of your home.

How To Get Started

At Carriage Lane Designs we make your home comfortable, functional, and organised. We’re not just a design team. We do all aspects of the work, including the custom building of frameworks, features and furniture, which helps us be more efficient, convenient and cost effective than our competitors. It also gives us greater control and reliability.

We’ll help you achieve the essence of stylish living that every homeowner deserves with passion, creativity and dedication. We look forward to bringing your dream into reality.

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Best Interior Design Firm in Mississauga 2018
2018 Winner
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